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I'm Yiting, a documentary family photographer based in London. I like to capture everyday life, the moments that make us smile or feel moved. For me, it is always the littlest things that make up our life. I want to magnify these details, and make you see things you may have missed, because it is so ordinary while in fact, is extraordinary.

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I like the photos because there is a story behind every photo which I can share with my daughter in the future. Highly recommended!

Li - South Ockendon, Essex

I bursted into tears upon receiving those photos. There were no big settings, just ordinary moments captured in one of those 600 ordinary days we spent with our baby. So ordinary the moments that I nearly neglected their existence. Yet so special and vivid that they reminds me of every happiness and satisfaction behind life itself. Yiting is very professional and hard working. The high quality of her photography and her special touch as a mum herself makes her work unrivalled amongst peers.

Ding - Wimbledon, London

A talented photographer. If you need an unique and realistic record of some important moments, this is exactly what you'll like.

Luo - Harrow, Middlesex

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